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09 March 2011

Pink Panther Magazine is Back!


Pink Panther Magazine is back and it's better than ever!  Packed with feminist art, prose and poetry, Pink Panther is a feast of artistic feminist expression.  These feminist artists and writers present exciting concepts and fresh ideas to tackle old issues.  The artists and writers of Pink Panther breathe new life into the feminist movement in artistic self expression; sometimes with a soft touch, often with a poke, and occasionally with a knockout full on angry expression of frustration. The discussions in the group cover a wide variety of issues important to all people: children, relationships, fashion, body modification, love and equality.  Keep your eye on these artists and writers! They are the future of the feminist movement.

View a huge virtual gallery of feminist art and writing at the Pink Panther Group site and then preview the latest issue on Calaméo.

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