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19 June 2011

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

Context is important. Context gives us the intended meaning of the speaker, the artist, the writer, the designer. Gotta put it in context folks! So, balz to you for those who take snippets out of context and try to make it something that it isn’t. Take, for example, last week when Speaker of the House John Boehner took a snippet from a post by a writer for the progressive group Campaign for America and tried to make it sound like Campaign for America had given up on President Obama ever creating jobs in America. Yeah, kinda like that – taking stuff out of context really skews the message, dontcha think?

Here’s a novel approach to defending a criminal indictment for conspiracy to violate election laws and attempting to influence voters by fraud – dirty tricks are protected by the First Amendment. The defense attorney for an aide to former Maryland Republican governor Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. defended the governor’s former aide Paul Schurick by claiming that even dirty tricks are free speech. Dirty tricks, like calling your opponent’s constituents and telling them they don’t have to bother to vote because their candidate has basically won just to keep them from voting so you can be sure your candidate will win, that’s just free speech. Right?

Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band sax player Clarence Clemmons passed on to the Universe on Saturday. You can watch Clarence Clemmons perform Born to Run with The Boss on YouTube beginning at 2:10.

It’s perfectly legal to text while driving in Texas. Governor Rick Perry vetoed a bill that would have made it illegal to drive a car and send text messages at the same time. Considering how difficult some people find it to walk and chew gum simultaneously, you might want to reconsider those vacation plans to visit Texas by car.

I almost feel sad for the Republican Party following the recent debate among candidates vying for their party’s nomination to run for President of the U.S. of A. You know they are in BIG trouble when Michelle Bachmann is the BIG winner in a debate against the likes of Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney.
Speaking of BIG this is a really BIG teddy bear.

Peter Saunders is not homophobic, he’s homoskeptic. AnonyGrl set the record straight. There are no more racists, just Afroskeptics. You go grl! At least Saunder’s hasn’t blamed President Obama’s Israel policy for the recent deadly tornadoes in the Midwest, like Laurie Cardoza-Moore.

A new feature to Snarky Sunday is the quote of the week. I will scour the dirty underbelly of the interwebs for the best snarky, funniest, piss-taking quotes by the famous, the infamous and just regular folks. The inaugural quote of the week is from Bill Maher who summed up the state of the U.S. economy quite nicely with this one posted on Twitter:

God does this economy suck again! I saw my realtor sleepimg [sic] on the bus stop bench that has his picture on it!

Michelle Bachmann’s Greatest Hits

P.S. You can view the entire balz to you comment by Liza Minnelli in context.


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