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10 August 2013

The Make-Up Rose

 After 11 years you learn the routine. He gets drunk and pisses in the refrigerator or in the corner of the room. He chokes you until your throat is so sore you cannot swallow. Then he shits on himself after he passes out on the sofa with his stinking waste-soaked underpants around his knees, his filth exposed for the whole world to see. The next day he's gone when you wake up. After a few hours he comes back with a fresh haircut, a bag of cheap junk from the Dollar store and one red rose.  It's always red. He always says he's sorry, but it's all your fault. You MAKE him choke you. You FORCE him to punch you in the head. You just don't fucking get it, do you? He says you're a stupid motherfucker. But this time you won't stick around for the next make-up rose. He can give that shit to the whore he's kept on the side for the past decade. Now she's getting the make-up roses.


If you say you want a divorce one more time I will fucking kill you!
I'm sorry baby
Now here's a rose
A red rose with thorns
Because I love but I'll kill you if say that shit again

Why do you make me do these things?
I will kill you
Now here's a rose
A red rose with thorns
Because you're my baby and I'll kill you if I have to

You aint' going nowhere bitch! Did you hear what I said?
Take this rose
A red rose with thorns
Because I just get so mad sometimes I want to kill you!

If you take my son away from me I swear bitch I will kill you!
Stupid fucker
Here's another rose
A red rose with thorns
Because you ain't never getting away from me alive. I will kill you!

Bitch you better bring back my car! Where's my car?!?
Where are you bitch!
Damned sneaky ass bitch! 
If you left me for another man there will be a murder!  
I've never been so serious in my life!
You know me! I'm an OG bitch!
No one leaves me!
You better bring my car back!
No more red roses for YOU! 

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved 


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