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22 September 2013

Out In The Cold

Take care how you treat people, especially those closest to you. You never know when you will find yourself out in the cold.


How does it feel?
Out in the cold
As the warmth of summer
Gives way to the winter

Can it be real?
This story that's told
By a talented mummer
The lives that you splinter

What is the deal?
With the lies you have sold
Bang on you vile drummer
For I am the printer

How can you seal?
The truth I will unfold
Like a determined plumber
To display the foul sinner

How does it feel?
Out in the cold
Your sons and your daughter
Their legacy you slaughter

They are ashamed
So you're out in the cold
Look at you now
Alone, fat and old

2013 Copyright H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved


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