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21 September 2013

The Fool's Show

He was so busy pretending to be
The man he wanted everyone to see
She was too busy dodging his rage
She could never find her way out of the cage

He fooled everyone except those closest to him
He was too busy sinking to swim
She was too frightened to speak of her plight
She lay awake dreaming of leaving at night

He played other women and mocked them to her
He wasn't ashamed to be a filthy cur
She knew he cheated he made it so clear
She was trapped with him, his violence and beer

He hurt her body and broke her frail heart
He played the bully it was his favorite part
She knew that someone would love her some day
She had only to escape him some way

He hurt her one last time, he made it quite clear
"You'll never get out alive! You're not leaving here!"
She waited till he passed out and went for the door
He would not use her or hurt her no more

She found a quiet place, safe and secure
Her son and her future, their safety assured
Her heart healed and now she can love again
She'll never go back to the place where she's been

He plays the fool with a fool at his side
Grinning he thinks that he's clever and snide
He thinks he's loved, but what does he know?
He plays the lead role in a fool's show

Copyright 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved


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