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24 November 2013

Believe Her

Don't think your abuser has forgotten about you just because he found someone to replace you. It doesn't matter if he is engaged, in a long term relationship with another woman or even remarried, he may still be a danger to you.  If he has threatened to harm you in the past, if he has choked you, beaten you and threatened to kill you even once, he may murder you in the future! If a woman says she fears for her life, BELIEVE HER!

Kimberly Lindsey feared for her life. She was taking steps to protect herself. It wasn't enough. I can't help but wonder how many people doubted her when she claimed she feared for her life? After all, his friends reported no unusual behavior by her murderer before or after Kimberly's decapitated body was found. How many times are we going to be "surprised" by a woman's murder at the hands of her former husband or boyfriend? We have to take seriously threats and menacing behavior.

Check out Domestic Violence Crime Watch for a long, frightening list of domestic violence assaults and murders around the country. 


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