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24 November 2013


I found this pic on Facebook and shared it with my friends a couple of weeks ago.

I thought I should share it here today.
An abuser is not a man. He is a monster.
If a woman says she is abused, believe her. Support her. Offer her assistance if you can. But above all, don't call her a liar just because you personally never observed abuse. Most abuse occurs in secret, behind closed doors. This is why domestic abuse and violence is such a pervasive problem not only in America but around the world. Women have been told to keep such matters "private" and not to discuss their abuse with anyone; that it's a private family matter. I have been told I should have kept the truth of my abuse "in the family."  I kept it "in the family" for eleven years.

I am here to tell the world that abuse is not a private family matter. Domestic violence and abuse is a national problem of epic proportions. It is epidemic and takes the lives of more than 4 women every day. There are more than 4 million domestic assaults and rapes every year in the United States. I found the strength to break the silence. Support others who are abused so that they too may break the silence and help end domestic violence.
That man who claims that his wife or intimate partner is a lying bitch who falsely accused him of domestic violence  -- he is a monster. He is not a man. Believe him at your own peril.


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