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17 November 2013

Prophecy I

Great sorrow caused by wicked advice
The law is not on your side
Cunning thieves are disloyal partners
They hate peace and set alight quiet dwellings

The great king of filth, like a wild man
Turned his crown backward
To strut through the borough, proud
While whisperers mocked him in secret

On the eighth day of the eighth month
The truth was revealed to the cheering crowd
The king of filth, consumed by rage
Drank his fury and called the prophetess liar

The prophetess will meet her on the battlefield
That putrid whore arraigned in purple like a queen
Surrounded by her fetid horde
That great old whore was defeated before the first blow fell

The king of filth and the queen of whores
Gather support where they can
Bad times approach as time grows short
They will pay for their dreadful horrors

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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