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20 November 2013

Prophecy II

In his last days the king of filth will be given to loquacious orations
His complaints received only by sycophants
Who stroke his fragile ego chanting their support
But behind his back they make the mocking face

The queen of whores offers comfort
Which is not well received
Her efforts are for naught
For the king of filth cannot be satisfied until the prophetess is dead

His crafty machinations wither on the vine
His sinister plot is discovered before his minions engage
She watches from afar as they stumble on the battlefield
Cowards pretending to be warriors soon fail

The prophetess laughs at their efforts
Knowing the future, she smiles
The king of filth and queen of whores rage
Yet their thirst for revenge is not quenched

Revenge will be the undoing of them both
No peace shall enter their house
Their sleep shall be disturbed
And their hopes built on false dreams

© H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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