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06 November 2013

Victim Zero

First one of record
A sweet little Texan
Laurel fell victim
She did not cause it
What brought on the violence?
Who is victim zero?

In paradise he found her
The second one to suffer
Carrie fell victim
She was blamed for it
What precipitated the brutality?
Who is victim zero?

A second island beauty
The third one assaulted
Amanda was beaten
She fled with her baby
What cause him to lose it?
Who is victim zero

In the sweltering south
A girl of the tropics
Betty was victim four
He was arrested
And fled north to avoid jail
Who is victim zero?

Horse country brought him
A girl from the country
Erin was simple but kind
What could have caused him
To beat her so viciously?
Who is victim zero?

He lingered in Kentucky
That's where he found victim six
Ellen stayed the longest
After years of her suffering
She took her son and fled
Who is victim zero?

Kentucky still holds him
Victim seven now holds him
A monster sleeps in her arms
Katy will suffer
Like all those before her
Who is victim zero?

What started it all?
Did he beat a little girl
When he was but a small lad?
Did his mother abuse him?
Did his father accuse him
Of being whiny and weak?
Who is victim zero?

© 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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