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23 January 2014

Axe Man

Grab that axe
Weak little man
Intimidate no one
Fat old man
Without a plan
Instigate nothing
Want to be
Rap man
Imitate Fif'ee
No where boy
Plastic toys
Anticipate failure
Fake gold flash
Stolen cash
Disintegrate dreams
Play at OG
Be all you can be
Incriminate photos
Grab that axe
Cover your tracks
Felicitate gangsta
Stand before the man
Blame it on the Klan
Commiserate fools
Limp wankers the lot
Scary, they're not
Incinerate courage
Grab that axe
Mohawk men run in packs
Retaliate they can't

© 2014 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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