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20 January 2014

We Talked About Traveling, You, Me and Baby

When the last leaf fell
The cold November rain
Tapped against the window
We talked about traveling
To Mount Rainier
White sand beaches
You, me and baby
Anywhere but here

Gray, wet concrete
Sad, cold people
Sun deprived
Tiresome lives
Drudgery in December
We talked about traveling
You, me and baby
Leaving everything

The springtime storms flood
Drown dreams and people
Tearing off roofs
Ripping up hope
We talked about traveling
Towering mountains
You, me and baby
Any place is better

When the summer heat burned
Scorching the grass
To a crunchy brown
We talked about traveling
Black sand beaches
In exotic lands
You, me and baby
Rain forest for our backyard

Cheap talk is cheap
Like the beer that you drink
Urine soaked jeans
Feces caked underpants
One hundred thirty-five months
Three months of anxiety
Lead to one night of violence
The pattern repeated for years

When the time came to leave
I packed while you slept
A drunk man's sleep
There was no talking
The baby and I
To a secret place
Despite your denial
You know why I left

Two winters have past
Since we embarked on the path
That led to our safety and freedom
There is no talking
Of old fears and losses
Our future is certain
Our lives now worth living
The baby and I

© 2014 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved

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