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31 January 2014


Long-suffering wretch
Stooped shoulders
Flinch upon a slamming door
Jumped at the shadow's
Foul touch
His shape dark and vile
Stood in the door
Though I could see but a shadow
I felt his eyes upon me
I pretended to sleep
After years I learned
To feign convincingly
I heard the sound
Of his disappointment
Or disgust
Upon believing me asleep
"Humpft! Bitch" 
Hissed through fat drunk lips
He shook his head
His hands on his hips
He turned and stumbled
Down the stairs
I sigh relief
I dare not move
Unless he comes back
I can smell him
A drunken stench
Wretched ass
Fetid stench
Sweat, shit and booze
I sob
Tears stain my pillow
A puddle under my cheek
In the light I learned
My fear gave power
To the shadow
My endurance
My undoing
No more to persevere
I threw off the shroud
He skillfully wove
To hold me fast
I opened my eyes
The shadow vanished
I opened the door
The stench dissipated
I opened my mouth
All my pain poured out
My torment raged forth
I endure no more

© 2014 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved


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