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30 January 2014

Victim Blaming & Politics

Erick Bennett is proud of his conviction for domestic violence against his wife. As a matter of fact, he boasts that his conviction speaks to his integrity and qualifications to be a senator for Maine. Erick Bennett, like many (if not most) batterers, blames his wife. 

Bennett appealed his conviction which the Maine Supreme Judicial Court upheld. He is guilty. He went to jail. Now he wears his conviction as a badge of honor and plays the victim card, claiming he is the victim of a lying wife, an unjust justice system and unfair laws. As a survivor of domestic violence, I've heard the same story! 

Mr. Bennett,  you are an abuser. You are a convicted man. You have no integrity. You are not honest. You are a coward. You are not fit to be elected dog catcher. 

Read more about Erick Bennett on Addicting Info.


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