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27 February 2014

Now a Reward to Capture Hilary Clinton!

From the same nutters who brought you the group to capture our President dead of alive, comes a new opportunity for a right wing crazy person with a sincere wish to go to prison for life and a desperate need for money: CAPTURE OF CLINTON. Unlike the money put on President Obama's head calling for capture dead or alive, Everest Wilhelmsen calls for both Mrs. Clinton and President Obama to be captured alive and tried for their various, ridiculous, birther-imagined crimes. 

According to the Pledge page, money pledged by donors "will be given to the person (or persons) who capture Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ALIVE, and which leads to their prosecution and permanent removal from Washington DC."

Hilary Clinton's crimes? She knew President Obama was not eligible to be President, she usurped the office of Secretary of State and Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!

The group was started only 10 hours ago on February 27, 2014 but he's already secured one big donor who promises big bucks. Robert Price stepped up tot he plate once again with a donation pledge of $75,000.00. 

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think offering a reward to pay someone to kidnap and/or murder a government official just might be a crime. Let's hope that the Secret Service captures them all well alive and tries them all for treason and conspiracy to commit treason, murder and kidnapping. 


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