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26 February 2014

Big Donor for Capture of the President


If you had any doubts about Everest Wilhelmsen's sincerity regarding the reward he is fundraising, he defends his call to capture the President "DEAD OR ALIVE" by explaining that "To shoot and kill a man who is in fact holding the United States hostage is not murder."


A single donor has pledged $50,000.00 for the capture of President Obama DEAD OR ALIVE. He promised an additional $25,000.00 if the President and Hilary Clinton are captured alive and tried for Benghazi (whatever that means). Robert Price made the pledge today, but we don't have a link to his Facebook profile yet.


I found the $50,000 donor. Robert Price, whose Facebook profile lists Rolling Hills Estates, California as his home town, pledged $50,000 for the capture of our President and an additional $25,000.00 if both President Obama and Hilary Clinton are captured alive. 

On February 24, 2014 I blogged about a Facebook group that is offering a reward for the capture of our President "DEAD OR ALIVE." The group administrator is a fellow named Everest Wilhelmsen who also writes a birther blog. The pledges for the "reward" were only $4,302.00 when I first covered this group, but thanks to a big donor, the reward for the kidnapping and murder of our President is now up to $29,302.00. Brian Lyman, who commented on the pledge page that he has "no family left and plenty of money" pledged $25,000.00. 

A rag tag group of birthers probably won't get much attention from the Secret Service. When those birthers start raising serious money for the kidnapping and murder of the President? That might pique their interest. $29,302.00 isn't a lot of money, but for one insane birther with nothing left to lose, it just might be the motivation they need to actually make an attempt. 

UPDATED ON 02-26-2014

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