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24 February 2014

Reward Offered for the Capture of Black Man in the White House!

I found an interesting Facebook group and Wordpress blog today. A fellow named Everest Wilhelmsen runs the group. He is offering a reward "to encourage all who have the ability and opportunity to CAPTURE and permanently REMOVE Obama from the White House and Washington." He doesn't say how much he's offering on his Facebook page but on his blog he posted that so far the cause has raised $4,302. He managed to scrounge up 53 other nuts to join his Facebook group so far. Some of those members might be clever trolls plotting the goating of his group, so don't go harassing them!

What cause does this man have to put a price on our President? He says our democratically elected President is an "Islamic terrorist more dangerous than Osama bin Laden. . . " and there is no proof he is an American citizen. Sigh. A birfer. Orly Taitz must be so proud.

On Twitter, Everest Wilhelmsen called for the President's capture "DEAD OR ALIVE." 

It is clear that people like Mr. Wilhelmsen do not support the Constitution they claim to love so dearly. If they did, they would throw their support and reward money to a viable and legitimate candidate to challenge the next Democrat to run for the office. No, he doesn't believe in the constitutional, democratic process or in the validity of the electoral process.

He advocates that thugs storm the nation's capitol and kidnap our President. I wonder if he is aware that offering money to strangers to kidnap the President is probably a criminal offense that the Secret Service might be interested in investigating? If he is so gosh darn sure that President Obama is a member of the Taliban hell-bent on making us all bow to Allah, why doesn't HE pick up his balls and go to Washington D.C.?  He's a coward who hates the black man in the White House so much he is willing to fund raise and offer a reward to any person crazy enough to actually attempt to kidnap President Obama.

A list of group members who have pledged donations and the dollar amount they have pledged for the President's kidnapping can be found on the group page. Pledges for the reward range from $50 to $1,302 promised by member Mike Staples. Poor, stupid bastard. He should be somewhere quiet, with soft walls and pretty multi-colored pills delivered on a regular schedule by huge, bodybuilder types in white scrubs. 


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