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09 May 2014

Don't Steal from Me

I have a public domain images page where I have uploaded a few photos that are free to use. For example the image I call Rose Seeds has been downloaded 3,466 times and is all over the Internet. The total downloads for all 7 images on my public domain page is 20,489. Imagine if I charged only $5 per download. I am not greedy with my art. I do share some images for free. Have enough respect for me as an artist not to abuse my copyright. I have lost so much money due to infringement of some of my photos, in particular Blood Money. When you take one of my images that I have not designated as public domain and use it without permission, you steal from me. I cannot sell a photo that everyone has taken and is using on blogs, Facebook, websites or wherever. You dilute the value of my work. If you would like to use a particular image, just ask me. If you would like to see more public domain images, let me know. Don't just take what you want from me. Please show some respect. And if you do download a public domain image, think about buying me a cup of coffee in appreciation for the freebie.

You can find a few public domain images here:


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