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10 May 2014

Stop Being a Victim

A Facebook status update that is disturbing to me came through my feed today. 
Essentially, the post asked in light of the kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria, should we - could we - consider "chipping" our children.

Why is this disturbing to me?

Instead of addressing the real problem, we look to ways to avoid falling victim. Now I'm not saying we should not take reasonable precautions, but it seems to me that if you want to fix a broken door you don't bang on the window.

Here's what I mean:

Instead of teaching our boys not to rape, we teach our girls to avoid being raped.

Instead of addressing the reasons for domestic abuse, we focus on ways to escape.

Instead of addressing the problem of child sex trafficking by arresting and prosecuting the "Johns" and "pimps" we focus on protecting the children (or arresting and prosecuting them for prostitution in some cases).

Instead of addressing the problem of homelessness, we prosecute the homeless.

Instead of addressing male oppression in patriarchal societies we call for women to make changes.

Instead of addressing the reasons for pay inequality between men and women in America, we try to pass laws forcing pay equality.

Instead of taking on the drug cartels and the societal and economic reasons for drug abuse, we lock up our young men and women for using drugs.

We should not "chip" our children. We should find, arrest, prosecute and then imprison those who harm our children.

It's a victim mentality. Stop being a victim.


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