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30 September 2009

Open Letter to My Friends & to RedBubble

Where to start? The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for me, and also for my friends.  First, let me thank those who have poured out their hearts for me, stood up for me, and have fought for me.

Secondly,  let me make it clear that I did not attack Miron verbally.  Where I come from, "Fuck you" had a number of meanings, none of which are an attack.  I meant one or all of the following: go away, shut up, leave me alone, or your opinion means nothing to me so be gone with you.  Miron clearly understood my meaning as he did not initially complain.  Everyone else reading the comments understood this as well.

My friends, I can not tell you how much your words of support have meant to me in these past few days.  Your outpouring of support is overwhelming.  I have never experienced such loyalty and devotion - and not to me the individual, but to the art and the message.  The art and the message is what has been deleted from RedBubble.  I am merely the conduit.  I fought the good fight on RedBubble against the right wing elements.  I took them on head to head without any thought for my own feelings or personal safety.  I did the best I could my friends.  I will continue to fight the good fight against their evil, hateful messages and offensive art and writing.  I will counter the evils of the right wing with truth and a demand for tolerance and equality.  I just won't be doing it on RedBubble.

I sense that some of you have lost heart.  Do not loose heart my beloved friends.  You are true artists.  You feel when an injustice is done, and I understand how you feel.  But remember this - there are many more important battles to be fought, far greater injustices in the world than one artist account on one art site.

The administration said it best when he declared that RedBubble is  just "a website people" (though I think he may have edited his comment to remove that remark - gosh I just love screen captures!).  So my friends, treat RedBubble as it is - just a website. Let's move on to bigger and better things and more important battles ahead.  The road is long and the right wing is full to overflowing with hate and evil machinations.

You can always visit me here or join my little community of real artists on Visionaries.  I will see you there!

I  want to end this on a high note, so this is for Alison - always the Devil's Advocate, but what you really look like is a brown nose.  No one is  more utterly out of touch with the heart and soul of the artist than you seem to be.  The YouTube video is just for you:

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