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13 June 2011

In the Digs of the Dead

I've been worried about you
Thinking about the things you've done
They've been talking about you
It's a horror they do for fun

There's no better time than now
Strike now while the iron is still hot
But you've been walking around here
Wondering if it's all for naught

You've been fighting monsters
Dressed in holy robes
Burning light shines within you
Circling around this globe

In the digs of the dead
Beasts prepare to stab your back
Your peace dove devoured
In one swift attack

Doubt not lonely warrior
Wait for right time
Then the sky will open revealing
More mountains left to climb

Come here weary fighter
Lay your burden down
Leave the digs of the dead
Ghosts wander in that town

© 2011 H M Bascom
All Rights Reserved Registered & Protected


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