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17 July 2011

Sunday, Snarky Sunday


Michelle Bachmann would create real jobs for Obama and Geitner if she is elected president.

So THAT’S why she wants to be President! She thinks it’s not a “real job.” Being a right wing nut “job” running around the country urging gun owners to be locked and loaded is a real job. I wonder how much an entry level position as a RWNJ pays? There seem to be plenty of openings in that field. Obviously one does not need a real college degree to be a RWNJ – think Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and of course Bachmann who “gradeeated” from a third rate law school that was really a training camp for fundamentalist corporatists.

After thinking on it for a bit (like 2 whole seconds) I’m now wondering what kind of jobs she thinks that a constitutional scholar like Obama who graduated from a “real” law school is qualified to do? Take out her trash? watch her 20+ foster kids? drive her around town and agree with everything that spews from her pie hole saying “Yes’em Miss Michelle”? Is that the kind of job she envisions for President Obama? And Geitner? Would she at least let him manage the grocery budget at her house?

Yup. They’re still racist. David Duke is running for the Republican nomination for President of the U.S. of A.

Family values representative busted for being drunk and partying with a stripper. When THEY do it, it’s a mistake for which their God will forgive them so we should forgive them too. That’s how hypocrisy works.
You know, when someone begins a sentence with I’m not racist, but . . . something racist is about to come out of their mouth.

Sarah Palin’s documentary film, The Undefeated was unattended at a debut showing in California.

The U.S. Attorney General announced that his office is “looking into” allegations that Rupert Murdoch’s company may have spied on American citizens or if any employee attempted to bribe officials. “We’ll be looking at anyone acting for or on behalf of News Corp., from the top down to janitors” a source told CNN. Sounds serious.

Y’all can stop worrying now. The Antichrist has been identified. It’s Oprah Winfrey.

Senator Jim “Demented” DeMint has figured out a way to clean up America’s classrooms and improve education! Gays and single sexually active women should be barred from teaching. Yes, only gays and women who have sex. Of course, men who are single and sexually active apparently get a pass, cause, you know they're straight men and they are supposed to have sex. I’m curious about how Demented would enforce the ban on sexually active single women in the classroom. Would he require single women to submit a certificate of intact hymen along with their teaching certificate to qualify for a teaching job in South Carolina? Yeah, we need to get rid of those gay people and tainted women and make room for more teachers who watch porn in the classroom.

In case you haven’t been able to discern the ultimate goal of the Right Wing in America, it is summed up here in the Quote of the week:
Go back to what our founders and our founding documents meant — they’re quite clear — that we would create law based on the God of the bible and the Ten Commandments.” Sarah Palin
It’s a horror picture show, alright. She could be President. Gah!


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