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03 July 2011

Sunday, Snarky Sunday

Sunday funny

Bachmann Breakfast Flakes They’ll make ya dumb!

Bullying gay kids is just peer pressure according to Rich Swier of Tea Party Nation.

Peer pressure huh? After decades of the Conservative element in this country urging kids to resist peer pressure to smoke, drink, have sex and express their individuality via unique hairstyles and clothes, NOW they say peer pressure is GOOD if those good little boys and girls are tormenting a gay kid – it’s just peer pressure? My gawd! There really is something wrong with Tea Party people. They are mentally ill. In 20 years there will be psychology grad students writing their dissertations about the group psychosis called the Tea Party.

Let’s cut Medicare! What a great idea! Cut funding for medical care for the poorest in this country and then let’s force them to BUY health insurance thereby increasing the profits of the private health insurance industry! Geezus! When is it going to dawn on those idiots that poor people are receiving Medicare BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR AND CAN’T AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE!?!

Michelle Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, likens gay people to barbarians that just need edjukatin’. What Mr. Bachmann really means is “gay people should be subjected to exorcism, electro-shock therapy and then brainwashed by our lovely Christian counselors at the clinic that I own and that takes Medicare payments but I think the government is too big, except when my clinic get some of that Medicare money. Then there’s like that time my wife’s father got those farm subsidies, but we won’t talk about that.” That’s how I interpreted his comments, anyway.

Mark Halperin called President Obama a DICK on live tee vee. I was watching the morning news/talk show Morning Joe on MSNBC and then, Mark Halperin asks if the 7 second delay is ready. After he is assured by Joe Scarborough that the 7 second delay is ready, Halperin says what he thought about a speech by President Obama. Halperin said on the air “I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday.” I spewed coffee. As you probably already guessed, Halperin is suspended indefinitely. Mark Halperin – what a dick eh? haha

I read an essay this morning called Call to White Americans by Jennifer Passmore. The reality of America doesn’t sit too well with that writer does it? I sense fear between the lines of that racist essay. I had a little look around some of the other “racialist” essays on that site. They can call it “racialist” but it’s really “racist.” They can call it “White identity” but it’s really “White pride.”

The author wrote this:
We must clear a festival ground on which to celebrate our achievements: we must plant a quiet grove in which to contemplate the errors of our past.
Seems to me I remember some White folks had a festival ground where they celebrated their “achievements” by burning crosses. And in that “quiet grove” they hanged the bodies of their fellow Americans whose only “crime” was to be brought to this country in bondage and hated for the color of his/her skin.
We must raise a fortress to defend ourselves against slanderous attacks: we must create a school in which to teach our children, our neighbors and our countrymen about ourselves.
That “fortress” was called “segregation” and I am glad the walls were torn down to equal opportunity.

In case you are wondering who to blame for our national debt, maybe this will help you:

In case you’re wondering what Obama has done since he was sworn in on 20 January 2009, here is a list: Obama Accomplishments

Happy Snarky Sunday!


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