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18 September 2013

Now You're Speaking My Language

My astute friend Rusty picked up on a little linguistic trick I use in my writing, especially in my poetry. I often use the language of my opponents (for lack of a better word) to "throw it back" at them.

Not to blow my own trumpet, toot my own horn, or any number of other trite sayings that may be applicable, but I am not an uneducated person. As a matter of fact, I have several college degrees (which I am still paying for mind you). However, language can often be used in such a way as to sound aloof, distant, and elitist. Sometimes a good old fashioned "Shaddup you fuckwit" works so much better than saying, "Excuse me, but I think you are mistaken. Allow me to enlighten you with some reliable statistics and irrefutable historical data compiled following decades of observations by statisticians, political scientists, historians and social psychologists who worked tirelessly compiling this data."

If you want the rats to "get" what you are saying, you have to get down in the gutter with the rats.

P.S. Social Psychology was my favorite undergraduate class. 


Now You're Speaking My Language

"My queen" he said
"She'll cut ya! That bitch is bad!"
Which is to say she's good
And he loves her
So he says
He loves to hurt her

He prided himself on having her
A woman of the first people
Which he used against her
Because he knew
She was ashamed

What he did to her
Behind those walls
A perfect middle class home
Bike in the yard
BMW in the drive
She was ashamed

He played a game
He could never win
Corporate America
Despised the color
Of his skin
He knew
She knew
So he took it out on her

The woman who loved him
More than he deserved
I got your back baby
You motherfucker
I got your back
Till the day
You dragged the baby into the mix

"Watch this son" he said
"This is how you treat a bitch"
So he choked her
She cried
The boy cried
He spat at her
"Don't even try that shit"

She left
With the boy
Taking only a few clothes
He killed her cats
He sold her things
Grandmother's watch
And her topaz ring

"I'm an OG bitch"
Yeah right
"I done killed motherfuckers, bitch!"
Of course
"If you think you gonna leave me 
I'll kill you bitch"
Watch me leave 
I'm gone
Fuck you
And your little whore too

Copyright 2013 H Maria Perry
All Rights Reserved


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